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Cheap And Best Groundnut Planter

by Geneva

Groundnut or peanuts are very popular in vegan communities. Not only are they a huge source of nutrition, but they are also used to make oil used in cooking various cuisines. Peanuts are a huge source of fiber, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and various minerals like copper, manganese, etc. Unlike most nuts, groundnuts are found in the roots of the plant, hence it is necessary to bury the seed of a groundnut plant deep into the soil for a better yield. A groundnut planter is a machine that can help anyone, including beginners, to plant groundnuts without much hassle.

Why Ground Planter?

A groundnut planter can help anyone to easily plant groundnut seeds. The machines are usually lightweight and can help in planting the seeds or seedlings at varying distances from 15 to 25 centimeters. These planters work either by motor or by manual work where one has to push them along the line they’d like the seedlings or seeds to be planted. Groundnut planters do the 4-hour job last less than 2 hours. Not only that, certain planters can plant more than one seed or seedling at the same time. Hence, by using a groundnut planter, huge amounts of work are done within a lesser time.

Ground Planter Types

1. For Farms

On farms, a huge amount of groundnut needs to be planted in a short amount of time. For this plantation work, groundnut planters are attached to tractors. Using tractors and groundnut planters together, one can plant a huge amount of seed at the proper distance, varying from 15-25 cm.

2. For Home Use

A particular variant of Groundnut planters can be used for home use also. These are a shorter variant and much more easy to handle. They do not have the same capacity as that of the farm ones. But they do the same as groundnut planters for farms where they plant the seeds at varying lengths from 15 to 25cm.

3. For Manual Farming

Manual Groundnut planters are available for anyone who has a small plantation. These manual groundnut planters have a steel plate that acts as a planter attached to a handle. This handle is grabbed by the person and by pushing it along the farm, they can plant the seeds. The variation in distance isn’t available for this type of planter.

4. Seeder

A seeder is a machine that is used for sowing seeds only. These are used in groundnut plantations only when seeds are concerned. They are sowed deep into the soil. These machines are huge and are usually used by attaching to tractors or cattle.

5. Planter

Planters are a machine that is attached to a tractor. These machines help in planting seeds that are a bit bigger and cannot be used in seed drills. They plant an even number of seeds i.e. 24 or 48. The planter machine opens the ground and plants the seed deep into the soil.


Durable And Reliable

The high-quality steel of these groundnut planters makes them extensively durable and very reliable. The stainless steel does not erode or break when the plantation is being done. This durability helps in the plantation of groundnuts in rocky fields. The stainless steel blades are reliable due to their durability. These reliable blades help in burrowing into the ground and planting the seeds deep into the ground. The deeper the seeds are into the ground, the better the growth of the plant is. As groundnuts are leguminous plants, they grow around the roots of the plant. Hence, being deeper in the soil helps them grow healthily.

Easy To Maintain

These groundnut planters are easy to maintain. With simple mechanics and machine structure, they are easy to understand. Hence, one can fix their planter at home. The machine is usually made of high-grade stainless steel. Thus, they can be cleaned with just water without the worry of rust formation.


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